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Ms. Yibo Fan (Birelle)

Yibo is a Clinical Medicine major in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SUTCM). During 7 years of medical career, Yibo studied both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine systematically.


After graduation, she joined Gu's lab. Since then, she spiked her interests into immunology, solid tumor microenvironment and immunotherapy. She is currently utilizing her training to assist with animal care and surgery and she is working hard on a new project.


When not in the laboratory, Yibo is interested in Chinese traditional culture since childhood. And she learnt calligraphy for many years, and she also does Taichi to keep fit. In the meantime, she learnt the religious and vocal music, piano of the Western culture, and from this the common spirit of human cultures under different appearances or forms impressed her.


By combining with the latest research results, She hopes to be a bridging to connect the east with the west. Her dream is to spread Chinese and Western medicine treatment to the whole world.






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